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Anonymous: I bookmarked a few blogs to keep up with since I don't have a tumblr and the tags format changed so it's all pictures instead of tags now. some of the blogs I "follow" reblog from them time-to-time. I've checked out their blog. it's all about drama anyway. like a person can be on anon, but if they use some of the same words it becomes kinda obvious.

you seem like a cool kinda dude, make a tumblr so i can meet you! And ahhh i see how come your into the boston stuff? Urggg if they’re in for it for the drama i should probably not fuel this fire, been there done that dont wanna go back ya know, hah but honestly make a tumblr

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Anonymous: I would've been off anon, but I don't have a tumblr. ;A; I've just been lurking through the tags seriously since last year. I think I should get one though, maybe? I've thought about it before, but I'm not sure if I'm dedicated enough to keep it up. lol.

ohhhh haha, you dont have to be active everyday or so. In ways i regret getting a tumblr and in ways i dont but the positive over power the negatives for me, its got its ups and downs just depends on how you work with the site and how you let it make you feel and such, like if your not overly active you don’t get many followers and then you can be all like wahh wahh #firstworldproblems so you get more active but your just wasting your time pressing reblog on a site really etc, hey how do you know bout callinoutthejaharfangirls?

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Anonymous: That anon is so fucking lame. who asks for somebody to get raped? like they know saying retard is wrong but rape is okay? low iq i'm assuming. lmao. it's so fucking stupid too to be correcting someone's grammar. that doesn't improve their argument in any way. just means they don't have one. lol. and ignore callinoutthejaharfangirls. she's a raging psycho, and yeah, most likely was that anon. she's truly pathetic and known to go on anon.

Thank you anon, Could you come off anon so we can talk? I like you, your onto it, you make sense, the grumpy anon did nothing but talk absolute crap

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LISTEN to this. The visual aspect is terrible, but the audio speaks volumes. It makes you think and it’s also a reminder as to why we’re here. Justice for Jahar. Don’t give up guys. x

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lolol pretty sure the person sending me anons is the same chick failing at calling me out.
The exact type of people who are not worth my time are the ones who’re willing to abuse you because what you believe makes them butthurt but not wanting to have a conversation.
Justice for Dzhokhar
Im not down on your mainstream media buzz sorry.
And ohhh man spelling nazis are such a joke

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Anonymous: *you're

justice for

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Anonymous: *difference

dzhokhar tsarnaev

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Anonymous: #1 Are you from the fucking 1950s? The word retard is extremely offensive! #2 OOOOOOH a philosophy major? I didn't realize I was dealing with such a serious student... #3 Funny choice of words since Dzhokhar's justice will come in the form of a dick in his ass. That pretty little bitch is going to get raped to death in jail. #NotImportantEnoughToBeAddressedByHer #GrammAr #Dummy Namaste, asshole!

your a real douce, we have different opinions on this if you wanna get worked up go for it i really am not bothered, but lol philosophy isn’t serious, you clearly don’t know what philosophy is and i have a feeling its not the first thing your attacking me on that you plainly don’t know anything about ;) ps you have a dildo way up your ass

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Anonymous: She called you "too stupid to insult" because YOU'RE too fucking stupid to insult. You don't understand the difference between "your" and "you're". You actually think that murderous pussy was framed. It also appears you don't know the difference between commas, question marks, periods and spaces as they seem to be interchangeable in your writing. Also, you throw the word retard around pretty liberally. Those are just some of the reasons, but I think that should answer your question...

when your writing long asks using perfect spelling and grammer is retarded cuz your just wasting characters and cuz its much easier writing cuz than because, im an A+ philosophy and politics double major, im not only not stupid im justified in having opinions on this and my god i know bout spelling and grammer, for when i need to use it ;) and no this has been insulting your both retards if you think its not insulting, i bet you anything i can find a term you use that i can be like well your throwing that around liberally, doesn’t answer my question in the least sorry id like to be ‘called out’ by the person herself and not some minion with a dildo up their ass. Justice for Dzhokhar!

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